Tips for submissives who are meeting a dominatrix by Goddess Lady Vamp
  • February 21, 2024
  • Goddess Vamp
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Imagine that your request gets accepted and now you have the opportunity to meet your mistress.

Your presence is crucial, so it’s important to take care of yourself. You are choosing a superior woman who is kind enough to accept your request and explore fetishes with you.

First impressions are always important, so strive to be the perfect sub by dressing elegantly. Avoid wearing shorts or sport shoes and instead dress as if you were going to the best restaurant in the city. Since you have high standards when choosing a mistress, it’s equally important to care about your own appearance.

The following list may seem obvious, but unfortunately, many men overlook these details. Remember to always look and behave like a gentleman to avoid embarrassing your mistress.

Tips for Submissives Meeting a Mistress

1. Take a proper shower and consider doing an enema if necessary.

2. Make sure to shave your face and body so that you look clean and fresh.

3. Clean your teeth thoroughly and consider using a minty mouthwash.

4. Refrain from smoking just before the session.

5. Use deodorant to ensure you smell pleasant.

6. Wear your best, well-ironed clothes. Avoid showing up in sports or gym attire, as it is disrespectful. You are going on a date with a superior woman, so make an effort to look your best.

7. Avoid using overpowering perfume.

8. Arrive on time for your meeting.

9. Ensure that your car is clean.

10. As a gentleman, always open the door for the woman and offer to carry any suitcases.

11. Consider bringing flowers as a nice gesture. Make sure to ask about her favorites.

12. Book a table in a good restaurant and inquire about her preferred cuisine. Avoid last-minute arrangements.

13. Once you arrive at the restaurant, offer to take care of her jacket.

14. Ask for permission to order the food.

15. Avoid using your phone during the meeting.

16. Discreetly place the envelope with the tribute at the beginning of the dinner, without your mistress having to ask for it.

17. If you are interested in public humiliation, which can be a favorite fetish for some, listen to her orders and follow her instructions. This may involve playing with food, worshiping her feet in public, or experiencing humiliation in front of others.

18. Consider wearing a chastity device in a public place and being controlled by a Lovense toy. This can add a spicy element to your encounter.

19. Avoid asking too many personal questions during the meeting. Remember that your mistress is not your friend and the time you spend with her doesn’t have to look like an interview

20. After dinner, pay the bill and follow your mistress to the hotel room.

21. In the hotel room, kneel down and kiss her feet to show your obedience.

22. Demonstrate your willingness to obey her.

23. Prepare the toys you will use according to her commands.

24. The playtime can vary greatly depending on your kinks, limits, and mutual trust.

25. Allow your mistress to take the lead.

26. Avoid excessive talking during playtime. It’s important to discuss everything beforehand.

27. Remember that if you don’t enjoy something, you don’t need to force yourself. Consent and enjoyment are essential.

28. Use a safe word if your boundaries are crossed.

I hope that these tips will give you an idea of what to think about before the session, and how to act when you’re around a dominant woman. This is not an exhaustive list, but a good place to start. Always take the Mistress’ instructions and desires into account.

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