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  • February 21, 2024
  • Goddess Vamp
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I’m successful enough in my life to choose real-life sessions with only people I want to connect with.

Traveling around the world, being in a female-led relationship, and running a couple of businesses at the same time, I have no desire to waste my time and provide a service to just anyone who is offering me cash.

I reserve the right to cancel, block, or not respond to anyone I feel like. If my intuition warns me, or I don’t feel comfortable, I won’t force myself to do something that’s not suitable to my ideology of femdom.

Serving a mistress is considered a privilege, as she chooses her subs rather than the other way around. Mistresses do not chase after subs, nor are they desperate for attention. It’s important to exercise caution when receiving messages from profiles offering interactions, as they may potentially be scammers using someone else’s photos. It’s exceptionally rare for a Mistress to initiate contact.

Personally, I am quite selective when it comes to the people I engage with. I don’t chat often on social media and rarely answer the questions on my DMs. The only way you can directly chat with me is through my online play space.

On my LoyalFans account, I make it a point to reply to 99% of my messages and maintain regular contact with my favorite subs. Even when I’m traveling, I strive to stay connected and continue their training.

The online training sessions I conduct on the Loyalfans platform have been highly successful, and my profile has consistently ranked as one of the best for months.

More information about me is available throughout my site. Make sure you look around before you contact me here:

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