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  • February 21, 2024
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I’ve been doing professional domination long enough that I see certain things over and over again that submissives should never do.

Don’t Do These Things!

            1.        Avoid texting on social media profiles. Usually, professional Dommes have information in her bio or link where you can find her email address/website or number. If you want to be effective, it’s better to use those options.

            2.        Never start a message with your needs. For example, “I want a session.” A real professional dominatrix is not going to take you seriously, and it’s just simply not polite to text someone without at least an introduction.

            3.        Never compare her to other mistresses, even if you trying to make a compliment. That’s not nice! You should speak less about others and focus more on things you can provide as a sub.

            4.        Don’t send one-sentence emails.

            5.       Don’t send your pictures without permission.

            6.       Don’t complain about your life. We don’t want to hear about your financial problems, private situations, etc.

            7.        Never negotiate the service.

            8.        Never demand.

            9.        Don’t engage in endless conversation.            

10.      Don’t ask for a discount.

One final piece of advice. Don’t ever assume that these are the only things you should do! That list will be expanded when in service of your Mistress.

More information about me is available throughout my site. Make sure you look around before you contact me here: https://goddessladyvamp.com/contact-me-goddess-lady-vamp/

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