Travel News for Goddess Lady Vamp

Travel to Dubai, Switzerland, and Around the World

One of my greatest pleasures is travel. 

Currently, I’m at a stage where I find great interest in combining my lifestyle experiences and professional Domme skills with my deep passion for travel. I am fortunate to be invited to various Femdom galas and events worldwide, which I thoroughly enjoy.

My love of travel is going to give you some opportunities to meet with me…and kneel for me, even if you’re far away.

I travel regularly to Dubai, Switzerland and to London. But I also visit cities across Europe, Asia, and the United States on occasion. 

The best way for you to increase your chances of meeting me is to do two things. 

  1. Check back to this site regularly to see if I’m coming to your city.
  2. Do your research about me by reading through this site and fully filling out the form on my Contact Page.

Kneel for Me

Upcoming Travel Dates

IBIZA 3rd-10th of June

PARIS 26th-30th June 

FEMDOM BALL PARIS (unforgettable event!) 27-29th June

Goddess Lady Vamp is used to being spoiled. Her Wish List is a good place to start.
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Where to Next?

  • Find out more about my interests and what type of scenes that I craft by visiting my Practices page.
  • I’m very picky, but for those who are very lucky, you may explore what it would be like to serve me live on my Serve Me page.
  • If you want to keep up with news, articles, and travel, see my Blog page.
  • If you think you measure up then it’s time to use my Contact Me page.