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Serve Me

I won’t lie…it’s not going to be easy for you to get My attention and have the opportunity to serve Me in person. I have so many people who are interested that I’ve become outstandingly picky.

It’s going to cost you too. I am an elite-level dominatrix, and my tributes reflect that.

Just realize that it’s not enough that you have the money to pay my rates. I’m not impressed with your money. You also have the uphill climb of getting my attention and putting yourself out there in a way that intrigues me enough to respond.

My evaluation of you begins now.


Virtual Domination

Video call – From 300chf/20 min

Custom-made clip – From 200chf/5-7 min

Voice message chatting – From 200chf/20 min

  • Revolut, Wishtender, or LoyalFans Payment options
  • – No refund policy –
  • Waiting time for a custom clip 3-21 days (depending on my schedule)

Lady Vamp Experience

From 1,000chf/1.5-2h (5000 AED) Dungeon Session

  • Whenever I travel I work with the best-equipped dungeons in the world. This option is for experienced subs or slaves who are open-minded enough to try new things.

Dinner Date

Without session – From 800chf/2-3h (3000 AED)

With session – From 2,000chf/5h (8000 AED)

  • A dinner date might be interesting for beginners or my online fans who dream of serving me in real life. I love art, museums, jazz, and fine dining with a good wine. You’ll certainly have the attention of the room with me at your at your side.
  • Invite me and let’s to get know each other. I like to be served in public places.

Double Domme Session

From 1,200chf/2h (5000 AED

  • Available only with the Domme of my choice.

Double Trouble Experience

From 2,000chf/2h (8000 AED

  • I’ll tell you a secret… having a submissive girl play along with us is my favourite!

    Your dream will come true when you have an unforgettable experience of pleasure & torture at the same time.

    My dominant nature will easily drive you insane while my submissive girl, who is sweet as hell, will show you the other side. I’m not sure if you would be able to handle that mix but…it’s something you’ll never forget.

Filming Slave Opportunity

From 300chf/2-3h

  • By making an application you have to understand that you have no possibility to create your own scenario but your limits are going to be considered. There is no special treatment, you have to perform on camera and be prepared. The price is much lower than for a usual session, you have to be ready to serve us during and after the filming. There is no room for discussion and negotiations.

  • Filming slave financial contribution must be paid 24h before the session (from $300) for 2-3 hours filming, or more if needed.

  • You have to sign a model release, present your ID, and agree to pics of your passport. (All of these things are required by platforms for all models.)





  • This option is available only for my personal servants or subs with good references. 
  • Overnight stays include my beauty sleep, of course.

Exclusivity and Ownership

From 30,000chf/month


  • This incredible opportunity is only for my properties who have fully demonstrated their devotion.

Femdom Party

From 1,200chf


  • This is a unique opportunity to serve not only me but also other Mistresses who are well-known in the Femdom community. This option is available only for my personal servants or subs with good references.