Goddess Lady Vamp who travels to UAE, Switzerland, and Dubai
  • February 21, 2024
  • JackBurton
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My name is Lady Vamp, that’s my stage name, what I choose for myself couple of years ago when I decided to become a professional dominatrix. I’m well known internationally and that’s my main business. But how I get into this?

I was always a Domme, but I started professional femdom several years ago. Before that, I had a couple of D/S relationships. In my teenage years , I had only brushed against the edges of the mysterious world of BDSM. Though I knew it existed, I had never considered exploring it further. As someone with an open and friendly nature, I often found myself the object of many admirers’ attention. My combination of intellect, charisma, and a thirst for adventure seemed to draw people to me, eager to share their deepest desires and thoughts. It was said that I had a remarkable ability to listen closely and remember even the smallest of details, preceding me wherever I went.

When I was 19, still a law student, looking for a job, I received an unexpected email offering me a position as a paralegal. It seemed like a great opportunity, so I decided to seize it. Within a week, I relocated to the capital to start this new chapter of my life. However, as time went on, I came to realize that the job offer may have been more about my appearance than my qualifications. It turned out that I bore a striking resemblance to my boss’s mother, and that seemed to be the reason I was hired. Later I released his deep mommy issues.

This strange coincidence became my ticket to financial success without a lot of effort. I began to closely observe my boss, absorbing everything he said and did. Using this information, I learned how to manipulate situations to my advantage. I transformed from a mere employee to his confidante and advisor. It was as though I had crawled inside his mind and become an indispensable part of his inner circle. He became so fixated on me that all I needed to do was offer him…some hope, and he would do whatever I wanted. The situation get very serious when he asked me to marry him, but even then I didn’t stop playing.

I soon evolved from a mere assistant to becoming his confidant and closest friend. I seemed to permeate his very thoughts; he became utterly fixated on me. Pure obsession. In return for my dominant position, I negotiated 10% of every deal and a stream of new clients for his company. I was granted a gold card covering all my expenses, an apartment in Warsaw, a car, the freedom to have lovers, and the ability to live the life of my choosing. I could party and travel the world with friends, and my boss covered all the costs, and all without ever having been in a sexual relationship with him.

Now, after all these years, I fully understand his submission and his love for suffering. I never had any idea that he could be a sub, or that subs even existed in my circle; I was just intuitively using my power. For me, it was fun. It makes me happy to see how the man struggles and craved my attention, willing to do anything I want.

We were in a D/S relationship for 5 years. Even now, he is still in love with me and occasionally still sends me love letters.

More information about me is available throughout my site. Make sure you look around before you contact me here: https://goddessladyvamp.com/contact-me-goddess-lady-vamp/

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