The difference between being a submissive and a slave with Goddess Lady Vamp
  • February 1, 2024
  • Goddess Vamp
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Let’s explore the definitions of a submissive and a slave, and see how different they are.


A submissive is a person who submits to a Mistress.

In BDSM relationships, submissives maintain the ability to make their own decisions and choices, preserving their individual rights and freedoms. They also establish their own boundaries and limits.

Although a submissive may choose to be ‘owned,’ the terms of ownership are typically discussed and agreed upon mutually, and the arrangement will only persist as long as they consent to it.

Submissives often prefer casual contacts or relationships and have the freedom to transition in and out of their role as they navigate their daily lives.


A genuine slave represents a distinct dynamic in BDSM relationships. Unlike a submissive who retains the ability to choose when, how, and to whom they submit, a true slave relinquishes all control and submits fully to their chosen owner without negotiation. Slaves actively seek ownership and willingly give themselves entirely to a dominant individual. As a slave, they surrender any rights, freedoms, and choices they may have.

What Are You?

Now … take your time to reflect on whether you are truly ready to embrace full submission and become a slave, or if you are simply engaging in the BDSM game without being fully committed to surrendering your ego. Submitting completely as a slave requires a certain level of bravery and a willingness to let go of your fragile ego. It’s a decision that should not be taken lightly, as it entails surrendering control in various aspects of your life. Take the time to explore your desires, boundaries, and readiness for such a commitment. If you have any specific questions or need further guidance, feel free to ask.

Throughout my personal experiences, I have encountered numerous instances where men have approached me with needy eyes, expressing a desire to serve me. Conversely, there have also been encounters with self-proclaimed “alpha” men who struggle to maintain control but still hold the expectation that every woman should be naturally submissive. These individuals lack the understanding of how to properly interact and communicate with women. Surely, it would be beneficial if someone were to educate them on appropriate behavior and attitudes towards women. Why not take the opportunity to educate and enlighten them? 😉

I have a tendency to push boundaries and challenge limits in various aspects of my life. I enjoy exploring new territories and challenging myself to go beyond what is considered comfortable or conventional.

This is what I do with my subs! 😈

I like to take their minds and control them. I make them feel comfortable and safe but at the same time they are just my puppets.

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